Trump Republic Radio

Trump Republic Radio | #20 | “Rinsing out the Priebus” (7/30/17)

July 30, 2017

This week on Trump Republic Radio we go over Reince Priebus being fired and replaced by General John Kelly as WH Chief of Staff, as well as the uproar over Trump's ban on transgenders serving in the military, Debbie Wasserman's Schultz's IT aid being arrested, and John McCain voting to keep Obamacare. We also cover good GDP data, Wall prototypes being delayed, Kid Rock leading in polls, Bernie Sanders being a thief, and the "Calexit" gaining steam. An Evergreen professor sues the school, an Art professor loses his health insurance, and Marxists check their privilege in Current Year College Craziness. In Europe we see Sweden doxx everybody, Germany suffer another stabbing attack by a migrant, and Russia expelling 700 US diplomats. Venezuela's currency is worse than a video game, North Korea launches missiles, and Indians think about selling their wives to afford indoor plumbing. All that and more on this episode of Trump Republic Radio!

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Timestamps for the episode:

0:57 - Trump replaces Reince Priebus with General John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff
8:21 - Transgenders banned from serving in the military
19:03 - Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT aid arrested while trying to flee the country
27:18 - Scaramucci fires suspected leakers
29:37 - Trump speaks at Boy Scout Jamboree
37:42 - Senate Judiciary Committee drops Manafort's subpoena
39:45 - McCain's vote kills Obamacare repeal hopes
51:44 - Economic news (2nd quarter GDP jumps to 2.6%; Texas vs California GDP numbers; Foxconn to open Wisconsin plant; Consumer confidence at 16-year high; US to hit debt limit by September 29th)
1:01:10 - Immigration news (Wall prototypes delayed until November; California has 1 million illegals with driver's licenses; Dem rep says stopping illegals from voting is an assault on democracy; Illegal alien deported 20 times rapes woman in Portland)
1:17:44 - Kid Rock leading in new poll
1:23:33 - Bernie Sanders stole his neighbor's Washington Post newspapers
1:27:24 - "Calexit" movement can collect ballot signatures
1:35:54 - Lobbyist spending down 41%; Registered lobbyists down 14%
1:38:38 - Hillary Clinton writing new book about her 2016 loss
1:38:58 - Trump donates 2nd quarter paycheck to Department of Education
1:41:37 - Maxine Waters acts like a child by interrupting Treasury Secretary 12 times
1:44:15 - Democrats announce "A Better Deal"
1:49:17 - Minneapolis restaurant adds healthcare fee to checks
1:51:21 - Current Year College Craziness (Evergreen professor suing college for $3.8 million; College Marxist group disbanded for being too rich and too white; Art professor resigns because LGTB group made him lose his healthcare; UMich hires admin for "cultural appropriation prevention"; Cambridge University professor under investigation after anti-white Facebook rant)
2:09:04 - European news (Sweden doxxes their entire country; 80% of Germans see rising extremist problem; Hamburg stabbing attack leaves 1 dean and 4 wounded; Russia expels over 700 US diplomats; Western male sperm count at historic low; 43% of rapes in Sweden are children)
2:24:56 - US orders families to leave Venezuelan embassy
2:27:36 - Halal food chief says Muslim men need to fertilize Australian women
2:30:10 - Asia news (North Korea launches another missile; US bombers practice nuke drill; South Korea wants nukes for their own protection; Indian official suggests selling your wife to buy a toilet)