Trump Republic Radio

Trump Republic Radio | #19 | “Out with The Spice, In with The Mooch” (7/23/17)

July 23, 2017

On this week's episode of Trump Republic Radio we go over the Senate's failure to pass a healthcare bill, Sean Spicer resigning as Press Secretary, Trump's Voter Fraud Commission purging voter rolls, and a record number of regulations being cut. We also talk about booming manufacturing and a potential Hyperloop being built between New York City and Washington, D.C.  On the immigration side we go over ICE hiring 10,000 new agents to patrol sanctuary cities, California judges overstepping their authority, and the sad story of 10 illegal immigrants found dead in a Walmart parking lot not far from our town. We also cover John McCain being diagnosed with a brain tumor, lots of different polls, and DNC vs RNC fundraising numbers. Internationally we go over Italy being overrun with African migrants, Poland removing pro-EU communist judges, and Trump ending the CIA program to arm and train Syrian rebels. All that and more on this week's episode of Trump Republic Radio!

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Timestamps for the episode:

1:55 - Obamacare repeal fails in Senate
10:48 - Sean Spicer resigns as Press Secretary 
15:07 - Voter Fraud Commission begins purging voter rolls; Regulations being cut at 16:1 rate
23:02 - Economic news (NAFTA renegotiations, food stamp usage lowest in 7 years, manufacturing booming, stock market record highs, gas prices at 12 year low)
37:59 - Science & Tech news (police body cameras getting facial recognition software, Hyperloop between NYC and DC)
45:37 - Immigration news (ICE hiring 10,000 new agents, SCOTUS allowing in grandparents, California judge refuses to allow sanctuary city ban, refugees fleeing to Canada, 10 illegals found dead in truck at San Antonio Walmart)
1:02:15 - John McCain diagnosed with a brain tumor
1:07:35 - Polls extravaganza (4/10 Americans support impeachment, 52% see Dems as merely anti-Trump party, Hillary less popular than Trump, half of liberals won't be friends with Trump supporters, 90% of Americans don't see climate change as a major concern, Americans have never been happier)
1:32:20 - Other news (Israeli boycott, DNC vs RNC fundraising numbers, Chuck Shumer isn't wrong for once, Maxine Waters 2020?)
1:51:04 - Current Year College Craziness (Purdue's privilege scorecards, algebra is a civil rights issue, $11 an hour to advocate social justice and diversity, anti-white racism at Evergreen college)
2:09:49 - European news (Italy has too many migrants, Poland purges pro-EU communist judges, Berlin officials warn of left-wing assassination threats, sexual assaults by migrants too common to even report to British police, German courts overrun with asylum seekers)
2:24:57 - Americas news (Mexico overtakes US as fattest country, Venezuela facing extreme hyperinflation)
2:30:50 - Duterte doesn't want to visit the US after all
2:33:06 - Middle East news (New sanctions on Iran, certification of the Iran deal, no more CIA arming or training of Syrian rebels)