Trump Republic Radio

Hillary Planet Podcast | #1 | “Hummus Trucks on Every Corner” | (7/5/17)

July 5, 2017

*Fake News Alert* This week for the midweek mini-podcast we did an episode where Hillary Clinton became President and we do a podcast for her just like we do with the Trump Republic Radio Sunday show as her biggest fans. This week on Hillary Planet Podcast we get into Supreme Court movement with the addition of Corey Booker and the retirement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, extreme climate change initiatives, Republicans defecting to the Democratic party, the fixing of the gender pay gap, and so much more. We check our privilege as we check the death toll in the war against Russia. Welcome a refugee into your home and turn up the volume on your speakers because this is a news-filled episode of the most pro-Hillary and least racist podcast of the Hillary Clinton administration! *Fake News Alert*